It’s easier than you think! All of our murals are printed on self-adhesive vinyl wrap. They can be installed in less than 2 hours on painted walls of all types, whether mat, semi-gloss or gloss.

We recommend that there are 2 persons to make things easier.

Before you begin, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the installation by watching videos.

Step 1 : Preparation
Tools: wooden pencil, small ladder or stepladder, exacto, and smoother. A laser level is optional but useful!
The surface must be clean and dry. If a paint has been freshly applied, it is imperative to wait at least 2 weeks before installing your mural. Remove wall plates and other items (eg hooks or nails) before starting. Check twice rather than once so as not to encounter obstacles during installation.

Step 2 : Game Plan
Your mural will reach you in various rolled and numbered panels, with a plan. The width of each panel will vary between 40 and 52 inches depending on your wall. The panels are designed to overlap slightly (1/2 inch) so that there is no space between each. You will need to start the installation with panel #1 starting from the ceiling. Now is the time to install your level if you have one, or to make a level vertical line that will serve as a visual guide. Remember that for a complete wall, the first panel will protrude slightly (1/2 inch) from the ceiling and adjacent wall junctions.

Step 3 : Place on the wall
Peel off the backing of the vinyl a few inches from the top of the mural. You can cut this excess to make it easier to glue the first part. Begin application by protruding slightly (1/2 inch) from the seams. Relying on your line, press the mural to stick it straight down slowly. Peeling off the backing as you go down, smoothing out to remove air. If air bubbles appear, avoid weighing too heavily. Rather, press gently and gradually. If that doesn’t work, slightly lift the problematic part and glue it back together, smoothing it out.

For subsequent panels, start from the ceiling overlapping on the left by half an inch (so that the image matches). Repeat the same process for all the panels.

Step 4 : Cut the excess
Once the mural is completely glued to the wall, cut off any protruding around the ceilings, moldings and edges of walls.
Use a ruler and a sharp blade for the best results. Cut slowly and carefully. Change the blade often for a cleaner cut. Finally, do not forget to free the sockets if necessary!